Wanted! Senna Eyeliner System, Collistar Gloss Design & Debby Shocking Polishes

Senna launches TransFix Eyeliner Sealer Kit

The latest offering from Senna Cosmetics is a handy Eyeliner Sealer Kit ($37.00) . It contains a Water Color Cake Eyeliner available in Black, Dark Brown and Eggplant, which gives a clean line that’s not too harsh; a Fine Liner brush for total control and precision; and a bottle of Transfix Eyeliner Sealer, which needs to be mixed with the cake liner to make sure it lasts all day once applied. And even though I’m not digging the packaging, I think the price is just right as the kit contains all you need for beautiful and precise eyeliner application.

Want plumper lips with a glossy finish? Try Collistar’s new Gloss Design

Collistar has just released a new line of lipglosses called Gloss Design (€17,00) that promises plumper lips, exceptional brilliance and a long lasting staying power. It is available in 14 shades in 3 different finishes: pearly, chrome and lacquered.

Aren’t the colors beautiful? I’m in love with the pearly ones (first 4 on the left) and even though the price tag is slightly putting me off, I’m curious to try at least one. I hope they are decently pigmented too. It would be a shame otherwise, they look so promising!

Get your nails noticed with Debby ColorPlay Shocking Polishes

Have you ever tried any nail polishes from Debby? I haven’t but I think this may change soon. Usually Debby’s products hardly catch my eye but these polishes are now available in 10 limited edition bright and neon shades that it is impossible not to notice them! Debby ColorPlay Shocking Colors promises extreme coverage with just one coat, lots of shine, to dry quickly but last long. I’m not sure about the price, but Debby polishes are usually about €5,00 so I think these are worth checking out, don’t you?

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