QOTW: Do you listen to anything when you apply your makeup?


Do you listen to music, tv or anything else when you apply your makeup?

Beautiful With Brains says: I like listening to music when I do my makeup. I have a nice mix of pop/rock songs on my computer. Most of the songs are uptempo, but there are some nice ballads in there too.

Source, iRel.

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  1. Tavia, I think most people are like you and don’t listen to anything bar the noises in the background. But for me, listening to music makes the whole thing even funnier. :)

  2. Dee, oh I never thought about that. Mmm maybe I’d better stick to uptempo songs too. And I always sing along too, it’s so much fun! ;)

  3. Tine, I do that too. I dance in front of the mirror and I sing along too. It’s so much fun but also why I don’t want anyone else in the room when I’m putting on makeup lol.

  4. Mylanqolia, it’s not embarassing. I think it’s cool actually. I don’t have any classical music cds at home but should get some, it’s beautiful! And it seems to stimulate creativity very well since your looks are always stunning and original. :)

  5. All Women Stalker, not listening to anything it’s ok. But I think it’s really fun to listen to music, and maybe dance a bit, when applying makeup :)

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