QOTW: Do you wear makeup when you’re not feeling well?

sick girl

Do you wear makeup when you’re not feeling well?

Beautiful with Brains says: no, I don’t. It doesn’t matter if I feel so bad that I need to stay in bed or I simply have a cold, I just can’t be bothered to put on makeup if I’m not feeling well. If I really have to go out, I may apply some foundation, but that’s it.

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  1. hmm…it’s hard to say – on one hand, I have to put on a bit (otherwise I’ll look like walking death), but the sick me doesn’t want to be bothered about applying foundation or other makeup just to have it wiped off/smudged with tissues when I blow my nose or wipe my eyes…!!
    .-= beetrice´s last blog ..Loving it when luck steps in… =-.

  2. Beetrice, I feel your pain. I think in these situations, less is always more. Maybe use primers or waterproof makeup to make everything last so that you don’t have to worry about it fading.

  3. Tavia, I can’t be bothered to wear makeup when I’m ill, it’s the last thing I wanna do. But if I’m in a bad mood, palying with makeup cheers me up :)

  4. I always use some, especially when I am feeling tired and … UGLY. Like today. I have to admit it did not mek it much better, I might even look worse!
    When I am ill and have to rest at home I certainly do not make-up. Sometimes it is nice to play and it cheers one up, and sometimes it is nice to play and order online something more ;-) that cheers one also up!
    .-= Andreea´s last blog ..FETTE Totes Meer Salz =-.

  5. Hi Andreea. I think applying makeup when you’re ill or very tired is tricky. It can either make you look decent or worse. And I agree, shopping on line is a great pick me up ;)

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