QOTW: Do you wear false eyelashes?

qotw false lashes

Do you wear false lashes?

Beautiful With Brains says: I do but only on special occasions. They are too time-consuming to wear daily!

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  1. Anna, I know what you mean, they can be an hassle and quite hard to apply, especially at first. They take a bit of practice but the results are good. Let me know how it goes if you try them.

  2. I don’t wear false eye lashes, unless someone helps me to put them on.

    A little off topic, saw your tweet on your dreaming of Sleek palette…so, people do dream of makeup, just like I did with the MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief….;)

  3. Vonvon, yes, I dreamt that I was at a Sleek counter with my sister playing with all their makeup. It was so much fun! I think when you dream of makeup you are officially a beauty addict eheh

  4. Ahleessa: I’m lazy when it comes to falsies too, hence why I only wear them on special occasions :) I agree about the blue lashes, they’re really cool.

  5. Connie, I agree. Some lashes can be worn everyday, but personally I can’t be bothered too, I’m too lazy lol.

  6. Tavia, applying false lashes correctly takes practice. I recommend buying some very cheap ones (so that you won’t waste a lot of money on something that you’re not gonna wear outside your house) and practice when you don’t have to go out. There are lots of tutorials both on youtube or on blogs (I wrote one too here http://beautifulwithbrains.com/2008/07/31/how-to-apply-false-eyelashes/) that you can follow. Of course, if you find someone who ha practice with them that will be more helpful. Hope this helped a bit :)

    • Ana, you’re a pro then! Removing falsies is certainly easier, it’s the application that can be a problem, especially at first! But they can be a great alternative to mascara if you’re quick ti apply them. :)

        • Ana, wow, you’re really quick! It takes me a lot more than 25 seconds or so to apply false lashes lol.

          I think in the end it comes down to practice. I use mascara every day and false lashes only once in a while, so I’m quicker at applying the former. Although with some mascaras it can take a while to apply them properly, but these end up in the bin pretty soon lol.

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