Product Review: Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquer

senna sparkling lip lacquer 01

Name: Sparkling Lip Lacquer
Brand: Senna Cosmetics
Size: 0.25oz
Price: $19.00

From Senna’s website:
Sparkling light reflective pigments make lips look extra full and sugar coated.

What I liked:
– lots of shades available
– very sparkly
– not drying
– long-lasting

What I didn’t like:
– slightly sticky
– the price

I’ve recently had the opportunity to try some products from Senna Cosmetics and after using them for a while, it’s time to share my thoughts with you. So, let’s start with their Sparkling Lip Lacquers. Available in 19 shades, these lipglosses apply sheerly and provide just a hint of color with lots of sparkle.

senna sparkling lip lacquer 02
(Bling bling)

I got two of them: Bling Bling and Lush. Bling Bling is a very sheer gold gloss with lots of golden shimmers.

senna sparkling lip lacquer 03

Lush is a sheer berry shade infused with golden flecks. Pictures don’t really do them justice, they look much more shimmery and pretty in real life.

The texture is thick, but not drying, and slightly sticky, although not so much to actually bother me, especially since it’s the stickiness that makes them last. And last they do. The staying power is pretty impressive for a lipgloss!

They lasted for about four to five hours on me. I also had a small snack and drank some water and the gloss was still there, albeit a bit faded. It will disappear if you have a proper meal, though.

These glosses have a strong scent of vanilla, which may put some people off. I usually don’t like strong scents in lip products but I can’t really smell this one once it is on my lips so I don’t really mind.

Overall, I like Senna Sparkling Lip Lacquers. They apply very sheer but provide lots of sparkle and shimmer and last for hours. Although they are just a bit sticky, they don’t dry lips at all.

Rating: 3.5/5

Disclosure: this item was sent by PR for consideration. For more information, please see my disclaimer.
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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    Nikki: thanks. Like you, I prefer my lipgloss when they aren’t sticky, but since these aren’t too sticky I don’t mind too much :)

    Jojoba: they really are :)

    Dee: thanks, Lush is my favourite. It’s a very pretty shade that looks beautiful on its own but would look even better if layered over a lipstick :)

  2. beautifulwithbrains says

    Tavia: they are sticky but not so much as most glosses out there. I can’t stand when lipgloss is too sticky either. I’ve heard lots of great things about Essence but unfortunately it’s hard to find their products here :( I’m glads you like their glosses.

    Ahleessa: I found out about this brand only recently too and they have some really good stuff :)

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