QOTW: What do you think of limited edition products?

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What do you think of limited edition products?

Beautiful With Brains says: some limited edition items are fabulous, but I hate the concept! It’s just a way to encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need and probably never will because they know that if they don’t get it now they’ll never be able to. That’s why I only buy a product if I need it, I don’t care whether it’s limited edition or not.  But when I find a LE item that is truly amazing, it’s sad to know that it will soon be gone forever.

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  1. says

    They are to many and last in the store so little time. I love some of the makeup products that are limited edition but maybe I don’t have the money right then to buy them, so why won’t they stay a while and wait me. :) I’m crazy about perfumes limited editions, so far I managed to have them all from Calvin Klein, but every summer he is coming with a new Euphoria summer edition, I dunno for how long I can keep up with him.
    .-= Tavia´s last blog ..Review – La Prairie Age Management Eye Repair =-.

  2. says

    Totally agree with you. It sucks to buy something that you probably won’t use much, and its a shame if you do use it a lot because then you need to get a back up. So I always skip on certain colors I know I can live without or find dupes unless its uber pretty, haha.
    .-= Dee´s last blog ..Must Watch Drama & Movies Part One =-.

  3. says

    I feel similarly, but there are times when limited edition products make sense. A test run of a product to see if it’s popular enough to become permanent, for instance, or anything influenced by a current trend or season.

    I do feel it’s important, particularly with companies like MAC who really exploit this, to make sure we assess exactly whether we want the product or not and try to consider that without being driven by the fear that we won’t be able to change our minds in the future if we don’t get it now.
    .-= Anastasia´s last blog ..Yes, Sleek Do Make Other Products. =-.

  4. beautifulwithbrains says

    Anastacia and Danielle: I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way :)

    Dao: I agree. I don’t see the point in buying stuff that you know you don’t need, esp because cosmetics expire and you don’t want them to go bad before you’ve had a chance to use them quite a lot.

    Connie: I feel the same, esp with MAC! When I first see a LE item, I usually want it straight away, but when I stop and think, I realise I have something very similar in your stash already and the lemming just vanishes.

    Tavia: I feel your pain! By the time I manage to save enough money to buy the LE items I want (which ain’t that many really), they’re usually gone :( They should definitely stay longer.

    Dee: I agree with you. I only buy LE items that I need and aren’t easily dupable, otherwise it just ain’t worth it. You don’t wanna use LE stuff cos once it’s finished you won’t be able to get it again, but if you use them too little you risk the products going bad, which is a waste of money *sighs*

    Anastasia: I’m not totally opposed to LE items. As you said sometimes there’s a good reason for an item to be available for a limited time only and I’m fine with that. Also, some LE items are amazing and worth getting and then there’s the LE sets, which are usually great value for money. But most LE items out there aren’t anything new or special and can be easily duped too. They usually only have a fancy packaging and the appeal of being available for a short time.
    And lately, LE collections are getting out of hand. I feel that, especially in times of crisis like this, brands are releasing more and more LE items and collections in collaboration with designers/celebs/whoever to keep people buying their products. I think they would achieve that by lowering the prices, improving the quality of their products or releasing something innovative.
    That’s why it’s important not to get sucked into the whole LE frenzy. We have to think if we really need an item and if we already have something similar or could get the same thing from another brand for a lower price. Otherwise, we’re just wasting money.

    Vonvon: good for you for trying to buy less LE items! There are too many, it’s hard to keep up! And that can be very expensive. Most of them looks similar to stuff available in permanent collections that you can get at any time, they just have a prettier packaging. It’s better to save the money for those LE items that are truly amazing and worth every penny 😉

    prettybeautiful: good for you! I’m always tempted at first, then I realise I already have something similar. And I agree with you, there’s no point in getting something you don’t use just cos it’s LE. It’s a waste of money.

    Eru: yes, that makes sense :) There’s nothing wrong in purchasing LE items if you need them/like them. I just think we should consider whether we are actually gonna use a product before purchasing. It’s easy to get carried away and buy LE stuff on a whimp, but if they’re gonna end up lying in a drawer without never being used, that’s just a waste.

    Jenn: that’s too bad, hope you manage to do that! Good luck! :) MAC often repromotes things, so even if you miss now, chances are you’re gonna get them again in the future. You can also compare new LE items to what you already have in your stash. You may already have something similar and therefore save some money. :)

  5. says

    i like them because you know it’ll never come back in store after a while so it makes you buy it (it might be an item you don’t even need)
    but if it’s a really good product it’s really bad because after a while you won’t be able to buy it again..
    .-= celeste´s last blog ..Verslaafd aan lippenbalsem? =-.

  6. beautifulwithbrains says

    Celeste, that’s why I dislike them lol. I don’t like having to buy stuff out of fear it’ll never be available again, esp since most of those products are easily dupable. But I agree, it’s sad when you find a LE product that you love and won’t be able to buy again :(

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