Is blow drying bad for hair?

blow drying

Blow-drying is the quickest and most common way to dry your own hair. It also adds some volume, which is something that my very straight, flat hair badly needs. But I really really hate blow-drying my hair! It is so boring and doesn’t make my hair look better.

In fact, it looks shinier when I let it air-dry, which is what I prefer to do whenever I can. Unfortunately that takes too long so it’s not always possible and I still have to use a blow dryer sometimes. But while blow-drying every now and then, if done correctly, is fine, overdrying causes damage to hair.

Heat damages hair

The heat from the blow dryer can remove too much moisture from the hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. In addition, it can also damage the cuticles. These are the outermost layers of hair strands formed by proteins held together by a glue-like substance. Their function is to protect the hair from damage. But the heat can degrade this “glue”, making the cuticles become weak. As a result, your hair is not only dull, but also prone to be damaged when you comb or brush it.

Blow-drying tips

This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid blow-drying, but doing it every day may not be a good idea. And, if you have to use a blow dryer, keep these tips in mind:

– before blow-drying, blot water out of your hair with a towel
– keep the temperature low
– don’t hold the blow dryer too close to your head. Keep it at least six inches away
– move the blow dryer constantly around your head and lift the outer hair strands while doing so. This will prevent them from excessive dryness.
– don’t use a blow dryer for too long and, if you can, don’t dry your hair completely but stop when the hair is a bit damp.

Do you use a blow dryer or do you prefer to let your hair air dry?

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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    Dao: that’s not me, I found the pix on flickr.I wish my hair was that long though, it’s so pretty! I prfer air dry too, it’s too bad it’s not always possible :(

    Eru: that’s good, heat protective products can help reduce the damage a lot. :)

    Robin: I guess it depends on your hair type. Some people swear their hair looks shinier when they air dry, others when they blow dry. I have thin, fine hair and air drying works best for me. Maybe you can try blow drying hair until they damp and then let it air dry. Applying an anti-frizz product could help too.

    Fabulessbeauty: I usually let it air dry too, but if you’re going out a blow dryer is necessary :)

  2. Rashel says

    I have been told that the heat can damage ones hair… I have a light thinning hair and Im so not using the blow dryer. However, I really want to! After blow drying your hair its has so much life (fuller).

    My question is, can I use a blow dryer JUST on cold setting so its doesnt damage my hair?

    BTW I am a guy.

    • beautifulwithbrains says

      Hi Rashel,

      usually the cold setting is used after you blowdryed your hair with heat to seal the hair and add shine. But if you want to use just the cold setting to blowdry there shouldn’t be any problems. Hope this helps.

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