Sunday Beauty Reads

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Hello guys,

it’s that time again when I share with you my fave posts from the past week, from the blogosphere. Let’s get started:

Cosmetic Candy has found 5 great and gentle cleansers for sensitive skin.

Future Derm shares 5 Luxury Products worth splurging on even now the economy is down.

Beauty Fool has some great tips on how to wear makeup at the beach.

Makeover Momma recommends some multitasking beauty products for busy mums.

My Women Stuff explains the difference between a blusher and a bronzer.

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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    I love Future Derm too, Dao, it has very useful infomation. She really got me curious about that Skinceuticals product and if I could afford it I would definitely buy it. It costs a lot but at least there seems to be some solid research backing up its effectiveness, so you know you’re not just wasting your money.

  2. beautifulwithbrains says

    Renee: you’re welcome, I really loved that post :) I had a really nice weekend thanks, hope you too.

    prettybeautiful: thanks hun! My weekend was lovely, hope yours was too.

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