QOTW: Do you carry a makeup bag in your purse?


Do you carry a makeup bag in your purse?

Beautiful With Brains says: I don’t. In the rare occasions that I’m out of the house all day, I carry a makeup bag with all the products I’m wearing on those days. But usually I joss toss a lip balm and a lip gloss in my purse.

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  1. says

    I always have my mini makeup pouch whenever I’m out, which consists of the basics like compact powder, blusher, lip balm, gloss, mascara… it’s not so much about vanity issue but as a Muslim, I perform the daily 5 prayers. =)

    Prayer means, taking ablution beforehand. Meaning, clean-off all my makeups. So I need some touch-ups after observing my prayers. =)
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  2. says

    I carry a makeup bag with me everywhere I go, but surprisingly, the only makeup I have inside are lipbalm, lipgloss and a tiny vial of Benetint. The rest are hand sanitiser, wet tissues, contact lens solution, feminine products, a mirror, and facial blotters πŸ˜›
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  3. beautifulwithbrains says

    Connie: I thought I was the only one not carrying a makeup bag. I prefer applying makeup at home too, I need a huge mirror and proper lightening!

    Dao: I agree with you, I don’t think a huge makeup bag is really necessary to carry around.

    Shen: you’re not vain. It’s nice to be preparared and ready to touch-up your makeup whenever you need to :)

    Hanna: I had never thought of that. A makeup bag would be really handy then. :)

    Dee: I’m with you there. I don’t really need nor like to do touch ups outside so I only carry lip balm and gloss too.

    Citrine: that’s a very handy. I carry balm and gloss so maybe I should only find a hydrating gloss :)

    Tine: I carry most of those stuff too but usually I just throw them in my purse. Maybe I should consider carrying a makeup bag too. It would be a lot easier to find what I need.

    Paris B: yep. I think a makeup should only carry the essentials and lip products are definitely that :)

  4. beautifulwithbrains says

    I like your makeup pouch Hanna! Tissues are a must for me too, they’re really handy and you never know when you need them :)

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