Know Your Ingredients: Isododecane


What it is
Isododecane is a hydrocarbon (organic compound containing carbon and hydrogen only) ingredient.

What it does
Isododecane is an emollient. Like all hydrocarbons used in cosmetics, it help prevent water evaporating from the skin.
It is also a solvent used in many makeup removers and, because evaporates easily, it is used as a fragrance ingredient.
In addition, it improves the spreadability of a product.

Side effects
Isododecane isn’t  irritating unless there is a pre-existing allergy or prolonged exposure to it.

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  1. Small point, but your structure picture shows 2-methylundecane. Isododecane is what is known as a ‘trivial’ name, and the true structure is the highly branched 2,2,4,6,6-pentamethylheptane. It is the branched structure that gives isododecane its remarkable properties.

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