QOTW: Do you match your makeup to your outfit?

match makeup outfit

Do you match your makeup to your outfit?

Beautiful With Brains says: I do. First, I apply my makeup and then I choose what to wear based on the eyeshadow colors I used. I don’t care about the rules, I think it’s fun and that’s what makeup should be, right?

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  1. says

    I probably would, but I hate clothes. It’s weird to describe, I guess. I don’t dress how I want to. I don’t go and buy the clothes I’d like to wear because I know I won’t look how I want to look in them. In truth, I want to be about 5ft tall and weigh like 70lbs – I basically want to be like a tiny fairy >: But that’s never going to happen, I’m tall and (too) curvy.

    So I don’t really pay much attention to clothes, I wear baggy jeans and some kind of top or other, lots of geeky slogans and whatnot, and spend much more time individualising my hair and make-up instead.
    .-= Anastasia´s last blog ..The Goggles, They Do Nothing. =-.

  2. says

    I do not MATCH but coordinate my makeup based on the warm or cool tones of what I am wearing….so I pick clothes first and then pick up the brushes.

  3. beautifulwithbrains says

    Connie: that’s what I do too :)

    Anastasia: but you’re beautiful sweety! Women should be curvy not sticky thin! But I know what you mean. These days it seems like it’s impossible to find nice clothes if you’re not a size 6. It’s a shame really.
    There are lots of style out there and if you paid more attention to clothes I’m sure you’d find a style that suits you. But if you feel comfortable wearing baggy jeans and tops there’s no need to change. That’s the most important thing, that you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing.

    jojoba: I actually apply makeup first cos I don’t want to smear the clothes lol. Esp now that I’m using mineral foundation, which can get very messy and powder can fly everywhere, clothes included.
    I think it’s nice to match as long as you don’t overdo it too.

    Erin: it’s nice to coordinate makeup and clothes, isn’t it? Makeup can be a great accessory.

    Jess: neutrals are really handy aren’t they? They look so pretty and match well with anything.

    Ahleessa: me too :)

    Tine: trying new makeup is always so much fun! I’m not scared of smearing my clothes if I get dressed first but it’s nice to match the outfit to the makeup :)

  4. beautifulwithbrains says

    Vonvon: matching outfit and makeup is fun, as long as you don’t overdo it. Matching the same color family is a great idea.

    Hanna: seems like lots of people dress first and then choose the makeup. It’s nice to use makeup to complement the outfit, isn’t it?

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