Do you use men’s shaving creams and razors?

difference men women shaving products

The first time I shaved I used my dad’s shaving cream and razor. They did a pretty good job, so I kept using them, much to my dad’s puzzlement. He noticed his shaving creams and razors running out faster than usual and couldn’t figure out why!

Since then, I’ve tried hair removal creams but they take too long (using a razor is much quicker) while waxing hurts and I don’t believe in having to suffer when there are pain-free options available.

But if you shave, it’s your wallet that may suffer. Women shaving products are awfully expensive, especially when compared to men’s ones which are much cheaper. I just don’t get why. A shaving cream is a shaving cream and a razor is a razor. Sure, there may some differences between men and women products but surely not enough to justify the huge difference in prices, right?

Similarities and differences between men and women shaving creams

The main ingredients in all shaving creams are pretty much the same. They contains soaps to soften hair and lubricate skin made with ingredients like Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid and Triethanolamine. If you check the ingredients lists, you’ll find these substances at the top of the list in both men and women shaving creams. In addition, both types contain moisturizing ingredients.

The main differences are in the fragrance and packaging. Men shaving creams usually have aftershave scent and their packaging features dark bold colors, while women’s have floral fragrances and pastel packaging.

Personally, even though I prefer floral fragrances to aftershave ones and I find the packaging of shaving creams targeted to women prettier, I don’t think these are good enough reasons to justify the fact they’re much more expensive so I”m gonna stick to using men’s shaving creams.

Are men’s razors different from women’s ones?

Women have different body contours so using a different type of razor may make sense. Also, women razors are usually colorful and more appealing, have moisturizing strips and easier to hold handles.

However, I don’t understand why these features can’t be used for men’s razors as well. Surely a more practical handle or a moisturizer strip would benefit men as well.

As for the blades of women’s razors becoming dull much faster than men’s, that’s because men only shave their beards, while women shave both their legs, which is a much wider area.

Women’s razors are much prettier and I have to admit that their handles are much easier to use, but I’ve never been satisfied with them. I tried a few brands but I always came back to using men’s razors as they always give a much closer and more precise shave. I never seem to achieve that with razors for women.

Which products are better?

Choosing what products to use is just a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer sweeter fragrances or colorful packaging, while others don’t care about these small details and prefer a more economic but still very efficient option.

After all, while there are differences in color, smell and packaging, men and women razors and shaving creams work pretty much the same. So, if you’ve been using your man’s products for years there is no reason why you should stop doing that.

Do you use men’s or women’s shaving products?

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  1. says

    I started off shaving using men’s razors, and have pretty much stuck to using them. I’ve tried a few women’s razors over the years, but the design always seems to be too bulky, etc. to get into the nooks and crannies like I need it to.

    That, and with men’s razors, I can buy the blades bulk at Costco 😀
    .-= Shayla´s last blog ..Catching Up: Summery Weekend Look =-.

  2. beautifulwithbrains says

    Nikki: I use them all the time lol Women’s ones are very pretty and I’d consider using them if they were cheaper, but for now men’s ones work just as well.

    Connie: I agree with you. Men’s razors are much more precise than women’s. Women’s razors have never worked that well for me either.

    Shuu: you’re right, they’re very similar. After all, a razor is always a razor. That’s why I don’t understand the huge difference in prices.. and the reason why I use men’s razors.

    Shayla: me too, I started using men’s ones and stuck to them since. Women’s one don’t give such a precise shade like men’s and some of them are really bulky, I agree. I also can’t understand why women’s razors aren’t sold in big bulks, yet they’re much more expensive, it’s not fair..

    Hannah: yeah, that’s a woman’s razor. Really? You’re lucky! Here there a few euros of difference between men’s and women’s razor. In addition, men’s disposable razors come in pack of 12 or more, while women’s ones only in packs of 3 or 4 and cost a lot more!!

    Lydia: lol! I always stal my father’s haha.

    Dao: I usually steal my dad’s shaving cream. I need to gt him to buy an unscented one lol. Apart from the scent, there really isn’t much difference so I use men’s ones, saves you a lot of money!

  3. JO says

    i was desperate when doing 24hr shift at work few weeks back so used one of the guys razors. not only no stubble for two day…get stuble next day with my razor… but legs much smoother. I’m converted. Lot cheaper too. Razor company’s ripping us off!

  4. Lidon says

    This is good to know! I’m living in Spain and having difficulty finding a shaving cream, as opposed to a depilatory cream, for women. I accidentally bought men’s shaving cream, but hey if it works then I don’t care! And it was very cheap.

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