What is the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)?

oil cleansing method

Many people rave about the Oil Cleansing Method. They say it makes their skin look radiant and blemish free. But what is it exactly? And how does it work?

What is the oil cleansing method (OCM)?

The Oil Cleansing method cleans skin using natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil etc. They differ from commercial cleansing oils as these are combined with chemicals to make them emulsify with water and rinse away.

The principle behind the OCM is simple: oil breaks down oil and the steam will open pores so that oil, dirt and other impurities can be removed more easily.

This method is not difficult to follow. All you need is a washcloth, some warm water and the right oils for your skin types. This is very important because if you use oils that aren’t suitable for your skin, you may not see the desired effects. So, if this method didn’t work for you the first time, just experiment with oils until you find a combination that’s suitable for your skin type.

How to clean your skin using the OCM

1. Pour Olive Oil (about 8-10 drops) on the palm of your hand and Castor Oil in the other and rub them together. Castor Oil is a really good cleansing agent and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties but can be too dry for certain skin types. Olive Oil dilutes the consistency of Castor Oil and has antioxidant and moisturizing properties. You can use different natural oils if you prefer. Some people use only one oil.

2. Massage the mixture on your dry face for a few minutes to remove makeup and other impurities. These oils take longer than commercial oils to work, so take your time.

3. Get a facial washcloth and wet it with warm (not boiling!) water and place it on your face. The heat will soften the oils and remove them from your skin, leaving it feeling soft.

4. Once cooled, wipe your face with the washcloth. Repeat twice.

5. Tone and moisturize, as usual.

This method works well for me. When I use it, my skin looks glowy, soft and I have fewer blackheads. However, I prefer to use commercial cleansing oils as they are more convenient, for me at least. The OCM takes longer and I don’t always have the time to do it everyday.

In addition, I don’t like using a washcloth. If wet, it can harbour bacteria and although I always wash and let it air dry, I’m just not very comfortable with the idea of using it daily.

What do you think of the Oil Cleansing Method? Are you using it or planning to? Is your experience positive or didn’t it wok for you?

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  1. suzanne says

    i love oil cleansers because they clean the face without making it so tight and dry.

    shu uemura’s cleansing oils are divine (but pricey) but i love DHC deep cleansing oils because it’s basically the same thing for 1/3 of the price.

    i think people have to get over the fear and weirdness of “oh my god i’m putting oil on my face” to understand how it all works and just see for themselves. it really does emulsify and rinse completely away.

  2. says

    I use OCM before I do the facials to make sure my skin is clean. The mixture of oil is important, I use equal parts of castor, olive, and jojoba oils and mix them in a bottle. That way whenever I want to do an OCM, I have the mix ready.

  3. says

    As the author of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, I have to say I love both ready-made olive oil beauty products and plain EVOO. Both work well from head to toe. Warning: You can get addicted to ready-made olive oil-based soaps, shampoos, gels, and conditioners.

  4. says

    Hmm this probably new thing to me. Sure, I know about Shu Uemura cleansing oil whatnot, but I just dont dare to use oil to remove my makeup. Guess water-based products suit my skin better. =)

    If ppl are raving bout OCM over there, over here beautyholics are raving about BB cream.

  5. says

    I use cleansing oils when I wear foundation, especially during the evenings when I’m out to dinner. First makeup remover, then cleansing oil, and finish with cleanser. Gotta make sure EVERYTHING comes off :)

  6. says

    Suzanne: I think your right. It’s a bit weid at first to put oils on your face and I think some people are scared they’re gonna cause breakouts. But they don’t. Once you get over the weirdness, you actually notice how good the results are.

    Nic nic: I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Maybe you can try jojoba or sunflower oil? Just make sure they’r suitable for your skin type and you shouldn’t have a reaction.

    Dao: I never thought of putting it in a bottle, lol. Maybe that’s because I don’t do the OCM often due to lack of time although I really love it. The concentrations of oild are very imporant, you’re right and depend on your skin type. I usually use olive oil and 30% castor oil and this seems to work fine for me.

    cal orey: thanks for your comment. I agree, olive oil has great moisturizers and antioxidant properties. It has always worked very well for me too.

    Hanna_Hullabaloo: not all oils cause breakouts. jojoba oil for instance is non-comedogenic and neither is sunflower oils. The commercial ones like Shu Uemura, however, contains lots of chemicals so the chance of having a negative reaction are higher. But if water-based products work bst for you, there is no need to change.
    OCM is very popular esp among people who are into natural, organic beauty and it’s always cheaper than buying commercial cleansing oils.
    I’ve heard so many things about BB Creams but never tried one as they aren’t available here :(

    my_makeup_mania: I’m glad you like it. It works great doesn’t it? I love how soft my skin is afterwards.

    Tine: wow, that definitely takes it all off! You’re right, better be sure and remove everything! :) But I have to admit that I’m too lazy to do all that in the evening..

  7. ediotu says

    Where do you substitute the others oil such as coconut oil in and are you suppose to do this everyday? I read somewhere else that you are supposed to do it twice a week. If so does that mean that you shouldn’t wash your face the other days? Thxs. Sorry for so many questions. I’m really interested in trying this.

  8. beautifulwithbrains says

    Hi Ediotu and sorry for my late reply. You can use the Oil Cleansing Method if you want. I only do it every now and then for luck of time, but there’s nothing wrong in doing it daily unless you experience a negative reaction. In that case, it’s more than luckily that you’re using the wrong oils or the wrong concentrations for your skin type.
    You can choose which oils you use. You can only use olive oil, or olive oil and castor oil, or castor oil and sunflower seed oil. Whatever suits your skin type best.
    Hope this helped and let me know how it goes.

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