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Girls Aloud to release false eyelashes range


Eylure has teamed out with Girls Aloud to create 5 sets of lashes, one for each band member. The girls, who often wear Eyelure lashes, designed their own set which will reflect their individual style and personality. Each set will have a different and distinct packaging as well.
The lashes, priced just under £5, will be released in mid-April.

Lindsay Lohan to release a self-tanner lotion


Lindsay Lohan is going to release a self tanning lotion called Sevin Neyn, (named after her favourite numbers), on April 15 on Sephora.com and on May 1 in Sephora stores. It will be only be available for six months.

The lotion contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an ingredients derived from plants like sugar cane, that darkens skin by interacting with the amino acids of dead skin cells. Sevin Neyn is said to take about two to five hours to develop and the results last for four to five days.

Salma Hayek to release her own beauty line

Actress Salma Hayek is working on a new venture: her own beauty line. She’s currently working with a drugstore to release effective products that don’t break the bank.

Salma says: “I’m trying to develop a line with a drugstore so that it is affordable for everyone. We’ve researched for two to three years. My grandmother was a cosmetologist and she used to make her own creams, but my whole approach is how can we get the essence of the really expensive ones, but for everyone to be able to afford.”

What do you think?

I’m interested in anything budget-friendly and I’m curious to see what Salma will come up with. And being a huge Girls Aloud fan, I’ll surely check out their false lashes range. As for Lindsay, well, I don’t really use self-tanners as I love my pale skin and let’s admit, she’s had so many self tan disasters, I’m not sure she’s the right person to release this kind of product.

So, what do you think guys? Are you gonna buy the products released by these ladies or are you tired of celebs launching their own beauty lines?

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  1. says

    Heh, I love Lindsay but thought the same thing when I read it – she is notorious for being orange in public. And come on, Linds: “Sevin Neyn”? Oi vey…

    I’m not into false eyelashes but Salma’s venture sounds promising.

  2. says

    Girls Aloud…this is my first time hearing about the group…
    (Yeah, I have been quite off…)

    Linsey Lohan: Nope, I tan easily already

    Salma Hayek: The only info I know is that it’s cheap…I usually stay away from drugstore skincare (more like skincare product in general…)and if she uses herself as the spoke model…I would not probably be interested in the brand at all since she is around the same age as my mom…

    So, at the end, a big grand “NO thanks”…but I would like to see how they turn out though…especially the Lohan fake tan….

  3. says

    I have no clue who they are, Girls Aloud… hehe~

    I think Lindsey Lohan might have a good chance of selling her products but other than her, I don’t think so. A lot of teenage girls will follow Lohan.

  4. says

    GHD: I’m not into false lashes either, but I love the gils and I’m really curious to see what they will come up with.
    Lindsay’s product doesn’t sound very promising, but who knows maybe she’ll surprise us all.

    Citrine: Girls Aloud are a British pop band. They’re very famous in UK and Ireland but they haven’t released anything in the States yet.
    Some drugstore skincare brands are actually really good, I love Olay. Their moisturizers are among the best ones I’ve tried. But it’s also true that sometimes with drugstore brands you do get whay you paid for, which isn’t much. I just like the idea of a new affordable beauty line as everyone seems to raise prices nowadays.

    Ahleesa: Girls Aloud are a UK band, they release pop music. I love their songs and they’re great for working out too.
    Lindsay certainly has got a following, but apart from her die-hard fans, I’m not sure how many people would consider buying the lotion.

  5. says

    No, I’m not in the UK, although I wish I was! I’m an anglophile! I live in Italy, but I love British pop. I love bands like Blue or Sugababes, both very popular here. I found out about Girls Aloud while surfing the net for news on those bands and now am a huge fan.

  6. says

    I’ve heard of Girls Aloud but they’re not really on my American radar screen, so I can’t say I’m very excited by the news.

    I bet people will follow Lindsay Lohan’s tanner because of her celebrity, plus, it’s a limited edition product….making it seem all the more pressing to get it. Like you, I’m very happy being pale, but I’ve considered trying self-tanner just for the sake of it, for curiosity. Prob not hers though.

    I’m most interested in Salma Hayak’s line. She’s such a natural beauty who looks great both glammed up and dressed down. I hope the line lives up to the quality of her image.

  7. says

    Emilita: I guess Lindsay’s self-tan could sell well at the beginning considering she has lots fo fans, but I’m not sure how it’ll do in the long run and if sales will be consistent throughout the six months and once the initial hype has died down.
    I hope Salma’s line will live up to expectations. It sounds really good from what I’ve heard so far.

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