Know Your Ingredients: TEA-Lauryl Sulfate

triethanolamine lauryl sulfate

What it is
TEA-Lauryl Sulfate, the triethanolamine salt of Lauryl Sulfate, is a viscous and yellow liquid.

What it does
TEA-Lauryl Sulfate is a cleansing agent: it helps dirt and oils mix with water so that they can easily be rinsed away.

Side effects
TEA-Lauryl Sulfate is safe for use in concentrations up to 10.5%. Higher concentrations may cause eye and skin irritation, especially if allowed to remain in prolonged contact with the skin.

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  1. says

    …and by “tips” of course I meant to say “information”. *Doh* For my next trick, I’ll prove that typing at 3 a.m. is hazardous to your health… ;-)

  2. beautifulwithbrains says

    Thanks, I’m glad you like these posts too.
    And that’s ok, I make a lot of mistakes like that when I wite late at night, which is something that I shouldn’t really be allowed to do lol

  3. catherine says

    If TEA is used in all products, what percentage would also be a question to ask, cause we don’t seem to have an alternative? Help

  4. beautifulwithbrains says

    Catherine, TEA is used in a lot, but not all, products so if you want to avoid using this ingredient you can. TEA is considered to be safe in concentrations up to 10.5% but in most products is used at much less doses (1-2%).

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