Beauty Dictionary: All About Eyeshadow


If you’re into makeup, then you’ve probably come across words like lustre, veluxe pearl, pigmented. But do you know what they mean? If not, read on and find out:

Baked eyeshadow: it is made by mixing water with powder and baking the mixture in the over. Then it is hand-finished. It has a dewy, soft texture.

Eyeshadow: a coloured cosmetic, in cream, powder or liquid form, applied to your eyelids to enhance eyes.

Frost: it is used to described eyeshadow that has an iridescent shine. It has a pearly appearance when applied.

Lustre: smoothly pearlized, sparkly and glittery.

Matte: these eyeshadows have no shine, appear flat and are usually highly pigmented.

Metallic: these shadows have a shiny metal finish.

Mineral eyeshadow: made from crushed minerals and doesn’t contain chemicals, preservatives and dye found in traditional makeup. It has a light and silky texture.

Pigment:highly concentrated loose colour powder.

Pigmented: it refers to the intensity of the colour. Highly pigmented means the colour is rich, vibrant and even the lightest shade will show up. On the other end, when a product isn’t very pigmented, it might show up lighter than it does in the package and you need to apply lots of it to get a good colour payoff.

Satin: these shadows are slightly shinier than matte but not as much as shimmer. It gives a subtle non-frost sheen.

Sheer: it means that it provides only a hint of colour, almost see-through.

Shimmer: these shadows offer a sheer coverage with a hint of sparkle. The light colours are great for highlighting, while the darker ones add some drama to your eyes without being harsh.

Veluxe: fine rich pigment that provides a sheer, smooth, silky, matte finish.

Veluxe Pearl: it has a smooth, velvety texture that provides a strong pearly metallic finish.

Velvet: it has a velvety texture, rich colour intensity and provide a soft finish. It is matte with sparkles or glitter in it.

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  1. beautifulwithbrains says

    Lydia: I like it too!

    Sab: I didn’t realise there were so many types until I wrote them down for the article lol.

    Connie: you’re welcome! I love pigmnets too, although they’re so messy!

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