Product Review: Pupa Luminys Baked Eyeshadow

Name: Luminys Baked Eyeshadow
Brand: Pupa
Size: 2,2g
Price: 12,50€

From Pupa’s website:
Luminys is a baked eyeshadow that can be used wet or dry; you can choose the intensity you prefer.
Used dry, it is delicate and luminous; used wet, it is intense and pearly.
Innovative oven-baking technology releases all the properties of the colour to make it even more sparkling and luminous and ensure maximum, long-lasting hold when applied.

What I liked:
- goes on smoothly
- lasts all day
- doesn’t crease
- great color payoff

What I didn’t like:
- the ingredients
- the packaging

Pupa Luminys eyeshadow is available in 12 beautiful shades. I have an aqua-greenish one with shimmers in it. It has a creamy consistency and can be used dry if you want a sheer and glowy look, or wet if you want a more intense color. Either way, it goes on smoothly and the color payoff is great. It doesn’t crease and lasts all day.

I don’t really like the packaging very much. It has an oval shape and is quite clanky but also quite big so it will last for a long time. It also contains a sponge applicator, but I have never used it as I prefer to use brushes.

However I don’t really like the ingredients in this product. It contains Isopropyl Myristate which is highly comedogenic and Imidazolidinyl Urea which, as I mentioned in my previous post, can release formaldehyde. It is the last ingredient on the list, meaning it was used in very small quantities, but I don’t really wanna put anything on my body that releases formaldehyde so this is going straight into the bin.

This eyeshadow can be used dry for a delicate look or wet if you want a more intense color. It goes on smoothly, doesn’t crease, lasts all day and the color payoff is great. However, it contains comedogenic and formaldehyde-releasing ingredients.

Rating: 2/5

Disclaimer: the item was purchased by me for both personal and review purposes. The review is based on my own personal and honest experience with the product. For more information, please see my disclaimer.

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  1. I love Pupa too. I never had problems with their products before and I’ll definitely keep using them. I’ll just read the ingredients list more carefully next time.

  2. Haha, don’t bin it, give it to someone!

    For the price though, it doesn’t sound that different from any MAC or decent eyeshadow that I know of. I’ve been wearing hastily-applied Sleek all day, applied dry, and there’s no creases or fading, and my sweep-shape at the edge hasn’t smudged either.

    Any powder shadow can be applied wet or dry! =S

  3. I never liked Pupa in the past but you grabbed my attention when you said it has a creamy texture (even though it is a powdered product.)

    I have always worried about “baked” eye shadows/blushes as they tend to get hardened after a period of time and I am sick and tired of having to scrape the top off for pigmentation. (The very reason why I dtopped trying out Bourjois stuff.)

    However, Chanel and Stila changed my mind. I have not experienced with Euro Chanel Joues Contrastes or Stila baked eye shadows turning hard rocks. Therefore, I’d keep an eye on the baked eye shadows from Pupa.

    But like you, I think that packaging is not good. Pupa usually has cute packaging. What happened? :)

  4. Anastasia: you’re right, most eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry. I bought this because I never tried baked eyeshadows before and was curious. And Pupa eyeshadows are usually really good. I thought about giving it to someone, but I feel guilty because of the ingredients. Although if they knew about it and would still use it, then it would be ok, I guess.

    Jojobs: this was the first time I tried baked eyeshadows. I usually prefer powder e/s as I find they are easier to work with and last longer. It’s a shame about the nasty ingredients really cos the eyeshadow works really well. I don’t think I’m gonna try another baked eyeshadow in a while although the Chanel one sounds interesting.
    I was very disappointed by the packaging, as well. Their products, esp the palette usually has very pretty packaging.

    Nikki: you’re welcome. I like Pupa products but this is definitely one I don’t recommend.

  5. ps: chanel joues contraste are powder blush not eye shadows…

    but bourjois are. hpwever, don’t bother with bourjois. turn hard so quickly.

    stila baked trio are better

  6. Jojobs: oops got a bit confused… I might try it anyway though. Stila sounds great though but they don’t sell it here so it’s more difficult for me to get.

    Alyssa: I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. They look similar.

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