New collection: YSL fall 2008 collection

Ombres Cinq Lumières palette: ($56) each of the 6 compacts contains four matt, satiny or iridescent shades and a highlighter.

Palette Collection for Eyes (LE): ($60) contains black, grey and champagne shades to create the perfect smokey eye.

Palette Collection for Face (LE): ($60)contains 3 skin illuminators. The beige powder enhances the face and is ideal for touch-ups through out the day, the apricot blush warms and enlivens the complexion while the pearly pink shade highlights.

Variation Blush: ($42) Contains a matte and an iridescent textures. Available in one new shade: #17 Silky Nude.

Eyeliner Moire: ($30) available in one new shade, Emerald Reflections.

Everlong Mascara: ($27.50) available in one new shade, Ever Green.

Pure Lipstick: ($29) available in two new shades, #141 Pink Satin and #140 Purple Velvet.

Rouge Pure Shine Lipstick: ($29) available in two new shades, #30 Shimmering Pink and #31 Tuxedo Pink.

Golden Gloss: (28$) available in two new shades, #15 Golden Berry and #14 Golden Purple.

La Laque: ($19) available in two new shades, Tuxedo Grey and Rich Coffee.

Top Secret Radiant Skincare Brush: ($52) its formula combines all the benefits of a skincare product with the precision and ease of a brush, the silky and comfortable texture glides over the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth. Light-reflecting micro-pigments are able to capture and diffuse light, to reduce skin imperfections and boost radiance.

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  1. says

    Ooh, those palettes at the top look gorgeous, but $56 for 4 similar shades and a highlighter? That’s excessive, even by my standards.

    I’ve never tried anything by YSL – is it worth the price-tag?

  2. beautifulwithbrains says

    Anastasia: YSL products are very good. But, as for any other high-end brand, the price covers more the brand than the products themselves. That’s why I prefer cheaper brands. There are lots of great products out there that cost less but work just as well.

    Alyssa: I love it too! Actually I think the whole collection looks gorgeous!

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