Know your ingredients: Patchouli

What it is
Patchouli oil is derived from mint. Patchouli has a strong smell and is reddish-brown in color.

What it does
Patchouli has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. Its astringent action tones and revitalized skin cell tissue while its antiseptic action helps to calm inflamed skin and to control acne outbreaks.
Patchouli also stimulates new cell growth, helps reduce wrinkles and chapped appearance and heals sore, cracked, dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin.
Patchouli oil is also used as a dandruff treatment and to aid oily hair.

Side effects
It can be a skin sensitizer and irritant.

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  1. I just love the way patchouli smells. I actually use it in my reed diffuser in my office. And I have made soaps from it. One of the best oils I have come across.

  2. I agree, it’s a great oil and smells lovely. You made soaps from it? That’s so cool, I wish I knew how to do that.

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