5 crazy beauty tips that work

1. Powder your roots: if your hairline starts to look greasy, dip a big fluffy makeup brush into a pot of loose powder, tap it once on the back of your hand to remove any excess and dust it into your roots. This will soak up any excess oil and blend into your strands, so no on will notice you haven’t shampooed. Make sure you match the powder color to your hair color. If you prefer, you can use baby powder instead of loose powder.

2. Use toothpaste on a pimple: wash your face, dab a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple and let it dry for several minutes before washing it off. Toothpaste doesn’t take the zit away but it dries it up and absorbs the oil. However, this methods has a few risks. Menthol and fluoride, two ingredients found in toothpastes, can irritate the skin. Make sure your toothpaste doesn’t contain these ingredients before applying it on your pimple.Using toothpastes can also result in burns, especially if you have sensitive skin, so don’t leave it on your skin for too long. In addition, toothpaste can also dry the skin. Using toothpaste on a pimple can be ok in emergencies, but be careful and don’t do it too often.

3. Shave with hair conditioner: if you have run out of shaving cream, use a hair conditioner instead. The conditioner will soften hair and leave your skin smooth and silky.

4. Cure calluses with Vaseline: apply Vaseline to your calluses and put on your socks before going to bed. It will dissolve calluses overnight and leave your skin softer.

5. Use a green tea bag to quell inflammation:
if your skin is looking puffy or irritated, steep a bag of green tea for one or two minutes, let it cool down and dab it over your face. Green tea contains antioxidants that help to quell inflammation.

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  1. believe it or not I actually have tried all of the ones listed. LOL…and they worked great except for the toothpaste one though. It doesn’t work for me :(

  2. Alyssa: Great it works for you too. I was a bit hesitant when I first heard of this, but it really works.

    Nikki: Seems like many people are doing this lol. My hair is so oily I wash it very often, but if for some rason I can’t I’ll use powder, too.

    Sab: hahaha, I know. This tips are so weird, but they work so well!

    Cinthia: I’m sorry thoothpaste didn’t work for you. That one is a bit tricky. What do you use on pimples?

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